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Security Clearances
Denial or Revoked Security Clearance Lawyer Based in Escondido CA

My family is rooted in active military service, and I understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a security clearance and the impact it can have on your military or governmental service career. If you wish to hold a sensitive position within the military, or as a contractor, civil servant, federal employee or government contractor you will usually need to obtain and maintain a security clearance of some level.

My name is Stephanie Mendez and I work with those who have been denied or rejected when applying for their security clearance, as well as those who have had a security clearance revoked for many reasons, including but not limited to:

    Credit Issues
    Substantial Debt Load or Sudden Financial Gain
    Gambling Addiction
    Sexual Actions or Issues
    Influence of a Foreign Government or Agent
    Misuse of Technology or Other Assets
    Criminal Background

Security Clearance Statement of Reasons

If your security clearance application is denied or revoked, you should receive a notice called the "Statement of Reasons" from the associated agency. The Statement of Reasons should contain specific reasons for the decision in your case including the areas of concern and disqualifiers affecting your ability to receive a clearance. This notice usually contains information about your rights after the denial or revocation, and it is important that you take immediate action to protect and preserve your rights and ability to overcome these hurdles. You have less than 45 days to make appropriate remedies, file substantive and accurate response and begin the work of rebutting or mitigating those issues.
Why Should I Hire an Attorney Instead of Handling This Myself?

Quite simply, you will not have access to important personnel nor the personal credibility to provide evidence in your own matter. As a security clearance attorney I am sworn to high ethical and legal standards, and this credibility combined with my experience and knowledge in military and security clearance matters allows me to help construct and present a compelling response to the Statement of Reasons, appeal the decision and in many cases prevail in helping you to secure the security clearance you need. The thorough response must cite legal precedents while refuting or resolving the specific causes at issue. I know what they're looking for, how to present it, and will have the access and process to do so.
Denied or Revoked Security Clearance? Take Immediate Action to Contact a Security Clearance Attorney Today

You have a limited time (less than 45 days) to take substantive action that may very well determine your employment future or career path. Once your higher level security is taken or denied, your lower level security will be as well. It's not just the status quo, it's a complete loss of security access. Contact my office to schedule an appointment, or call me at 760-213-2395 to schedule your free consultation today.