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Child Custody & Visitation
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When a marriage ends and children are involved, the transition can be traumatic and stressful for everybody involved. My name is Stephanie Mendez, and I am a child custody, visitation and parenting time lawyer based in Escondido California. I have a range of experience representing individuals seeking custody of their children in a divorce, and advising clients in understanding the process for obtaining or changing custody of children. In my practice, I enjoy assisting clients who seek visitation or shared parenting orders, and will represent and counsel clients who are being denied visitation of their children.

When children from present or previous marriages or from blended families are in the middle of their parents' or step-parents' divorce, unique legal issues often arise. When parties try sorting out these issues on their own, tempers and frustrations often escalate to further complicate the important custody and visitation issues. For military families, the questions can become even more complicated. I am married to a member of our active military, and draw on my own experience as a military family when working with clients in this challenging area.

I understand the questions and concerns my clients are facing, as well as the challenges involved when parents fight over child custody or visitation. I can also tell you that our courts here in North County San Diego, and across California, believe it is in the child's best interest to spend equal quality time with each parent (given normal circumstances) regardless of what has gone on between the parents. I provide personalized and responsive service to my clients and work closely with them in an effort to achieve the best child custody and visitation arrangements for their families. You work directly with me.
Relocation and Move Away

If you are considering relocating with the children, or if your kids have been taken out of the area or out of state in a move away, I would like to help. This is a critical area of law, and it is important to act immediately to protect your interests and preserve local jurisdiction. If you are hoping to move away with kids, or if you are hoping to prevent your children from leaving I invite you to contact me. The call is free.

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