Family law matters are overwhelming to begin with, and working with an attorney who doesn't return your calls or doesn't give you honest advice based on experience can make the process even more difficult. To ensure you get the experience you deserve, your lawyer should have your best interests at heart - not his or her own.

I am Stephanie Mendez. I have years of experience helping people in the San Diego, California, area work through the divorce process in a way that is realistic, fair and in their best interests.

My experience has allowed me to form positive working relationships with local judges and other attorneys. I know how they operate, which helps me determine how best to approach your case.  

Building Foundations Of Trust

When an attorney is focused on his or her best interests instead of yours, it can leave you worse off. You could end up dealing with expensive and emotionally exhausting litigation that could have been avoided.

Building a foundation of trust with each of my clients is extremely important to me. As I get to know you, I will recommend strategies that suit your unique situation and your goals. I will stay in constant contact with you - returning your phone calls and emails as quickly as I can - because I know how important it is for you to understand exactly what is happening with your matter at all times.

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    Stephanie Mendez

​You can reach me directly at 760-213-2395

divorce, lawyer, custody, support, paternity, attorney

Custody, support, divorce, lawyer, attorney​

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